How deep should I clean between my paver stones before installing polymeric sand? Today I want to talk about the importance of cleaning FULL depth between the paver stones when replacing the polymeric sand. At Leger Landscapes we always clean a full 2 -3 inches of depth between the stone for several reasons. – Weeds and roots need to be completely removed before applying new sand ( if not they will just come back ) – Our new Techniseal polymeric sand will not adhere properly with the old sand. This will decrease strength and lifetime of polymeric sand. The sand may even come out in chunks if you rinse your driveway with the hose. – Polymeric sand is a 97% impermeable product. When applied at the full depth and compacted. Any shortcuts will drastically reduce the efficiency of the polymeric sand. – We offer a 2 year guarantee on the work we do, we want to make sure we do the job right, the first time! It may seem really dirty and unnecessary to clean out those joints all the way to the bottom but it is worth it in the long run. If you have the right equipment ( commercial 4000 PSI 4 Gallon-per-minute) pressure washer, turbo rotary nozzles and the proper protective equipment then job can get done properly. Often homeowners ask if their electric pressure washer or hardware store pressure washer they bought will do the work. The answer is usually NO! there needs to be sufficient PSI ( pounds per square inch and GPM ( gallons per minute) on your pressure washer in order to dig out the joints. Improper joint cleaning will cause weeds to grow back within a season! For this reason we offer free estimates for all pressure washing/cleaning and polymeric sand applications. We are licensed, certified professionals who have been in the area since 2000. Backed by the industry leading supplier Techniseal we have hundreds of happy customers in Montreal and the surrounding areas! Call us today for a free estimate! 514-835-1929