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Avoid Potential Hazards

Are some of the cap stones loose? Does the wall look like it is about to topple over?

These are potential hazards that could result in personal injury or damage to property if left unchecked.

Retaining walls can be a real nice addition to any home. These walls help save on ground space as well as help transition different elevation levels on a property. Retaining walls can add a nice artistic design to a current landscape, thus serving a decorative as well as practical purpose.

Our Montreal concrete overlay & Retaining wall restoration Services Will Keep

Your Home Safe

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Why Repair Retaining Walls?

Regardless of the type of segmental retaining wall built, by far the most common use is to serve as a barrier to prevent soil erosion. Since they are subject to various pressures due to the weight they are withholding, a proper construction is vital. Paysagiste Leger Landscapes is certified with the NCMA (the governing body of retaining wall standards). We adhere to all segmental retaining wall construction standards.

Most of the time the original bricks can still be cleaned up and reused again, thus saving you the cost of buying a whole new set of wall bricks!

Primary Causes for Retaining Wall Failures

  • Lack of proper compaction of the base foundation
  • Failure to install drainage gravels
  • No installation of drainage tube with proper exit(s) in wall
  • Improper installation method or lack of geotextile fabric to separate aggregates behind the wall.
  • Lack of geogrid reinforcement

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