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Leger Landscapes also offers a wide variety of landscape services. We create beautiful projects based on what you as the client want to have done. We will be happy to share ideas and project types with you. We bring an extensive hardscape education along with many years of experience in repairing paver surfaces that other contractors have installed improperly. Rest assured, knowing that the paver walkway or installation that Leger Landscapes installs at your house will not settle, sink, spread, heave, or deteriorate. We use only the highest quality paver stones and offer our 2 year guarantee on any new hardscape installation.

A common problem the issue of settling of the ground around the foundation of houses. This is often found in new developments where the final landscape or hardscape was finalized before the ground was finished settling after original excavation and construction. We offer services to re-grade your property to avoid having the risk of water infiltration towards your house’s foundation. Poor drainage can cause cracks in the foundation. resulting in expensive foundation repairs. We offer different solutions individually tailored to your needs. We also offer solutions for water runoff from roof gutters

Leger Landscapes also offers a wide variety of services in the West Island Montreal area. We are a general landscaping and contracting company and offer many services in order to service in the best way possible.

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At Leger Landscapes, you are one phone call away from speaking to someone who will address any question or problem you may have with work. We offer an industry leading 2-year guarantee on polymeric sand and cleaning/ sealing jobs.

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We would be happy to explain step by step of the restoration process providing you with the proper cross-sectioned plan of what needs to be done to restore your project.

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