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Pressure washing/ paver joint resanding

Is your concrete deck showing serious signs of dirt? Are the cap stones on your banisters dark and moldy?
Whatever your issue is, we’ll make it look brand new with our mobile commercial-grade high pressure cleaning units.

Paver restoration

Fixing broken or uneven pavers can be tedious without professional assistance. We’ll make sure to lift any settled areas, replace any broken pavers or botched edging, repair any drainage issues, . If there’s a problem, we’ll make sure it’s professionally handled.

Paver cleaning and sealing

 Paver sealants protect against staining and makes it easier to clean oil spills and natural stains like bird droppings, dirt, grease, and mildew.

Polymeric Sand

Can you just add polymeric sand on top of my existing paver joints?

No adding sand on top will usually just flake away soon after and weeds will come back We need to clean all the way down to remove weeds and old sand from between the joint so our new polymeric sand can be properly install withstand the freeze thaw cycles and the growth of new weeds.

How long does it take?

Usually the whole project is spread over 2 days. The first session we pressure wash out the joints and the following sunny day we come back once the pavers have dried to install the polymeric sand. Depending on the contract We do any restoration work on the pavers before installing the polymeric sand.


We personally offer a 2 year guarantee on most paver joint resanding projects. However our suppliers stand behind an additional 15-20 year warranty depending on the application! Ask us for more information!

paver restoration

Do you need to rake apart my whole project do " fix " my pavers?

No usually we recommend only restoring certain areas that have sunken down, for example, in front of the garage door, near the curb, or in front of the steps. However every project is different so we can give our professional recommendation when come for the consultation.

Less invasive restoration

Remember when you first got the landscaping done? the property looked like a war zone right? The good news is when we do restoration work it usually is a lot less invasive on your current landscaping (no need for big equipment!) and we take the measures to make sure you can be enjoying your project again in no time!

Cost Effective

Restoring your existing landscape comes at a fraction of the cost of replacing your current pavers and walls. In most cases we can restore the project to it’s original beauty without starting from scratch.

paver cleaning/ sealing

Seal Your Paver stones for long lasting results!

As homeowners, we seal our hardwood floors and granite countertops but what about your pavers? Pavers are considerably a higher investment to a home as well as yielding beautiful curb appeal so why not consider making sure they keep looking great for many years to come

How often should I seal my pavers?

We recommend every 2-5 years for most projects, depending on the area and usage ( driveway vs patio ) as well as the finish that is chosen.

What finishes do you have ? and is it slippery?

We have a range of finishes from a glossy “wet look”, semi gloss or natural look. Each finish has different advantages for various applications . Our water based products are not slippery and we can add extra anti-slip abrasives in our sealers for special applications.


Our cleaning and sealing projects come with a industry leading 2 year guarantee against peeling and discoloration.

Pressure washing

Make your concrete look like new !

Is your concrete deck showing serious signs of dirt? Are the cap stones on your banisters dark and moldy?
Whatever your issue is, we’ll make it look brand new with our mobile commercial-grade high pressure cleaning units.

Amazing results!

Our powerful equipment will totally transform how your walls or concrete looks!

No Harmful Chemicals

For most applications there is no need to use chemicals to clean your project. We only use water-based cleaners if we are going to seal the surface but we take measures to not damage your grass or greenery!

When is the best time to get the work done?

Most of our clients try to get their pool decks done before they open up their pools for the summer, or before a party or event in their back yard!

Retaining wall restoration

Can you fix it without replacing all the stones?

Usually we are able to use your existing blocs to restore the retaining wall. The problem usually lies in the construction process and not the blocs themselves

Guaranteed work:

Our retaining all restorations follow the NCMA and Techo-Bloc guidelines and we offer a 2 year guarantee on our wall repairs.

What are the main causes of why my wall moved?

It usually a combination of a lack of foundation, geo-textile, drainage gravel and a drainage pipe as well as angle of incline on the original construction. We will walk you though the process and make sure you can make a informed decision about the repairs needed

How long does it take to repair?

Most of our walls can be repaired in a day or two. We will make sure to explain all the details and steps before the contract is signed

Why Choose leger landscapes?

We want to help you make an educated decision about who to choose to get your job done.

Here is some of the reasons why we think you can trust us for the restoration of your project, big or small!

  • CAA Recommended Contractor Satisfaction Guarantee Rating 92% 92%

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Leger Landscapes you are one phone call away from speaking to someone who will address any question or problem you may have with work. We offer an industry leading 2 year guarantee on select polymeric sand and cleaning and sealing jobs.

Known and Trusted

Montreal’s highest rated paver restoration company on Google+ and Facebook. As CAA recommended contractors, we have a proven track record of pursuing excellence.

Free Consultation

We are committed to first class customer service and you will be treated with the utmost respect. We pursue excellence not excuses.


Techniseal ’s recommended contractor for the Island of Montreal. All full-time team members have received training, testing, and certification from Techniseal.

TECHo-PRO Contractor

Recommended contractor by Techo-Bloc ( industry leader) of Montreal. 


The industry recognized status for the professionals committed to industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation.  

NCMA Certified

Certification for building retaining walls from the Nation Concrete and Masonry Association

Insured 2 Million

Two Million Civil Liability Insurance, Rest assured that you won't be the one left responsible for paying damages a contractor causes to your property.

We are Available Weekdays & Saturday 7-9pm!

We would be happy to explain step by step of the restoration process providing you with the proper cross-sectioned plan of what needs to be done to restore your project.

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