Paver cleaning and sealing

After some time your once new project is starting to look dull and stained.  The solution : cleaning and sealing your existing project.

Whether it’s  a “wet look” sealer, which darkens the pavers giving them a rich bold look, or a natural sealer, which does not change the paver’s look but protects the surface underneath, the important thing is that the pavers be protected

Paver sealers also protect against staining and make it easier to clean spills and natural stains like bird droppings, dirt, grease, and mildew. For faded older pavers the sealer pulls out the color that is left and makes the pavers look bold and new again. We can even change the color of your pavers by applying a tinted sealer, for a different, new look!

We use Pro series cleaners that will get out the toughest stains from mold, ground in dirt, oil, and irrigation rust stains. We our crews are trained commercial pressure washing equipment which means we can use less pressure to avoid damage to the surface of your pavers. Our trained specialists are caring of your property and will pay attention to every detail.

Ask about our maintenance programs offered to keep your pavers in great condition

Not all paver sealing companies guarantee their work to your satisfaction, this keeps us a step above the rest. We offer a 2 year guarantee for all the work we do. Let the experts in paver cleaning take care of your stone and concrete paver surfaces. Cleaning and sealing your pavers comes at the fraction of the cost it would cost to replace all the pavers on your landscape.

Sealing pavers is what we do so if you have new pavers needing protection or old pavers that need restoration, we are here to help. As a Techniseal certified applicator, we are the area’s number one stone and paver sealing company.

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Featured Projects

We offer a wide variety of hardscape restoration services that cover just about any landscape project. Here are a few of our featured projects. 

 “We help homeowners who value their property and want to preserve and protect their investment,  by educating them, offering long term solutions for their home and recommending high-quality products.  Our goal is to free up their time and restore the beauty of their home one paver stone at a time...We will know we are successful when we have homeowners becoming raving fans recommending us to their inner circles.”

- Leger Landscapes

If you are currently looking for the best weed removal services around, then you've come to the right place. At Leger Landscapes, our professional weed removal pros are ready to help with all your weed removal needs, helping provide fantastic results for a great price. 

Weeds are one of the fastest ways to ruin your entire landscaping job. Once they get in and out of control, they can be a real challenge to completely eliminate, which is why frequent weed removal service is so important.

We make it our utmost priority to make sure all gardens/flowers/windows are protected (where applicable) before any major cleaning or sealing services. 

Our paver joint sanding services will enhance older, flagstone, or pavers as well as newly placed ones. Many paver companies will only install pavers and will not offer a maintenance service. We offer a full restoration package from repairs and cleaning to re-sanding and sealing.

Regardless of the type of segmental retaining wall built, by far the most common usages is to serve as barriers to prevent soil erosion. Since they are subject to various pressures due to the weight they are withholding, proper construction is vital.

Leger Landscapes is certified with the NCMA ( the governing body of retaining wall standards). We adhere to all segmental retaining wall construction standards.

A common is the settling ground around the foundation of your home. This is often found in new developments where the final landscape or hardscape was finalized before the ground was finished settling after original excavation and construction.

We offer services to re-grade your property to avoid having the risk of water infiltration towards your house’s foundation. Poor drainage can cause cracks in the foundation. resulting in expensive foundation repairs. We offer different solutions individually tailored to your needs. We also offer solutions for water runoff from roof gutters.

Why Choose leger landscapes?

We want to help you make an educated decision about who to choose to get your job done.

Here is some of the reasons why we think you can trust us for the restoration of your project, big or small!

  • CAA Recommended Contractor Satisfaction Guarantee Rating 92% 92%

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Leger Landscapes you are one phone call away from speaking to someone who will address any question or problem you may have with work. We offer an industry leading 2 year guarantee on select polymeric sand and cleaning and sealing jobs.

Known and Trusted

Montreal’s highest rated paver restoration company on Google+ and Facebook. As CAA recommended contractors, we have a proven track record of pursuing excellence.

Free Consultation

We are committed to first class customer service and you will be treated with the utmost respect. We pursue excellence not excuses.


Techniseal ’s recommended contractor for the Island of Montreal. All full-time team members have received training, testing, and certification from Techniseal.

TECHo-PRO Contractor

Recommended contractor by Techo-Bloc ( industry leader) of Montreal. 


The industry recognized status for the professionals committed to industry guidelines for segmental concrete pavement installation.  

NCMA Certified

Certification for building retaining walls from the Nation Concrete and Masonry Association

Insured 2 Million

Two Million Civil Liability Insurance, Rest assured that you won't be the one left responsible for paying damages a contractor causes to your property.

We are Available Weekdays & Saturday 7-9pm!

We would be happy to explain step by step of the restoration process providing you with the proper cross-sectioned plan of what needs to be done to restore your project.

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